About US

About US

Hello! Welcome to MOM & Niki.... 

This is Shruthi HS here and I’m the creator and owner of this online store. I have a business management degree from PES University, Bangalore, Karnataka.

When I was expecting my child, I discovered that the children's clothing industry was severely lacking in fashionable, functionable options mainly at an affordable price. With my father’s support and help I created a shopping platform for moms to find great deals for their little ones, without spending a lot of time and money.

Our Mission: Providing Quality Products at an affordable price.
Our little ones are the center of it all. We love them looking adorable, but they grow so fast. That’s why we are passionate to provide quality, safety and trendy clothing at an affordable price and daily deals. We know your time is also limited, so we make it easy to shop for your little ones by combining matching sizes into one experience. All the products are unique and personally handpicked by me. 

For play dates to birthday parties, seasonal photo-shoots to everyday wear, we created a destination for you to find matching mom and kid clothing, maternity wear, shoes, accessories, toys, bags and more. “Elegance in everyday wear” is what we deserve.